Special Exhibition Memorial Storytelling Performances

On Saturday the 11th of June, Kōdan-shi (professional storyteller) Mr. Wakabayashi Kakuun and the Keio Cheer Group were invited to perform at the Mita Public Speaking Hall (Enzetsukan) in connection with our Special Exhibition, “Keio Baseball and Modern Japan.”

Mr. Wakabayashi undertook dramatic and engaging retellings of two stories from Keio University’s baseball history. The first, “How Keio’s Fight Songs Were Born”, follows a previously untold episode on the origins of Keio University’s cheering (fight) songs, “Wakaki-chi” and “Keio Ondo”. The second, titled “The Keio University Baseball Club’s Legendary Three Straight Victories”, recounts Keio Baseball Club’s triumph in the 1972 Tokyo Big6 Baseball League, marking the first time they were crowned champions over three consecutive seasons. As these stories were told, the Keio Cheer Group contributed live performances of Keio University’s cheering songs, filling the venue with fervor.

After the storytelling was concluded the event moved to the Keio Cheer Group, who led a chance pattern medley of the familiar cheer song Wakaki-chi. The audience, cheering with their paper megaphones, brought to life the excitement of Jingu Stadium.