Permanent Exhibition Room

Our permanent exhibition holds over 100 pieces, including digital content and models, related to Fukuzawa Yukichi, Keio University, and the development of Western learning in Japan. They are housed in what was once the Large Reading Room of Keio’s Old University Library. All descriptions are written in Japanese and English.


Chapter of Vigor -The Beginning of Fukuzawa Yukichi’s Journey

This chapter introduces Fukuzawa Yukichi’s upbringing, his educational foundations, and his experiences as a young man travelling overseas. These experiences reveal the origins of Fukuzawa Yukichi, a man said to have the manner of both a Samurai and an ordinary citizen.

Chapter of Courage with Wisdom – The Creation of Civilization and the Power of Learning

This chapter introduces a small, unnamed school located in Edo’s Tsukiji Teppozu district founded in 1858, and its development into an institution described as having a “monopoly on English Studies”. What followed was a period of developments and setbacks, presented here from the perspective of civic education by private institutions.

Chapter of Independence and Self-Respect The Dignity and Anguishes as a Private Institution

This chapter introduces a number of topics from the standpoint of private education.

Chapter of Human Relations – Man and Woman, Family, Gijyuku, Society

Special Corner: The History of the Keio University Old Library Building

Special Corner: “Fukuzawa the windbag, Yukichi the liar”

Keio University Chronology

Who’s Who of Keio University

Diorama of Mita Campus at the time of the Great Kanto Earthquake

Comparative diorama of rooms at Keio University and the old style of high school dormitories.