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Fukuzawa Yukichi Memorial Keio History Museum 2024 Exhibition of Newly Acquired Materials for the Fukuzawa Memorial Center for Modern Japanese Studies(January 10 to February 10)
【Announcement: Exhibition of “Summer Koshien” Championship Flag and Emperor’s Cup】
Currently, in the permanent exhibition room, we are displaying the championship flag of Keio High School from the 105th National High School Baseball Championship (Summer Koshien). Although the exhibition period is marked as “under adjustment,” it has been confirmed that the display will continue until the end of this fiscal year (end of March, 2024).
Additionally, starting from November 17th (Friday), we will begin the exhibition of the Emperor’s Cup to commorate the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League championship of the university baseball team. The exhibition period is planned to be the same as that of the championship flag.
There will be additional displays of related materials, so please come take a look.
If there are any changes to the exhibitin schedule, we will announce them on our website.

Exhibition concept

Create History to Define the Future

Our history is the very struggle
Of modern Japan itself—

At the Fukuzawa Yukichi Memorial Keio History Museum we will trace the life of Fukuzawa Yukichi and the history of Keio University through an abundance of artefacts, and words handed down from the past.

Follow the unbroken pen-stroke through the museum, tracing the adoption of Western learning at Keio and in Japan. This continuous line ties together the successive developments of an empirical and rational approach to scholarship imported to Japan.

The content on display here is not the internal matters of a single private school, but recounts the history of modern Japan’s struggles. Moreover, this is not a history full of triumphs, but one replete with setbacks. The history of Fukuzawa Yukichi and Keio University paints a vivid, multifaceted perspective of Japanese modernity.

Now, let us embark on our journey through history and into the future.